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Lakewood Seward Park Emergency Communications HUB

The City of Seattle is urging all of us to be “two weeks ready” for potential disasters such as earthquakes.

Prepared households and neighborhoods are better able to respond to disasters and are better able to be self-reliant in the days immediately after a disaster, when emergency management professionals will be busy attending to the most severe injury and damage.

Besides preparing our own families and our immediate neighborhoods for such emergencies, there’s another layer of preparedness that local citizens are creating: a city-wide system of Emergency Communications Hubs. Though not all sites are yet fully operating, potentially there could be well over 150 of these Hubs around Seattle.

Our Hub, a project of the Lakewood Seward Park Neighborhood Association, is modeling itself after other successful Hubs in the city, which in a disaster would have radio contact with the Emergency Operations Center and other Hubs when cell service and internet are down or restricted. The Hub would be a site for for us to post vital information and for community members to seek aid and share resources with each other.

Hub meetings are the first Monday of every month from 7–9 p.m. Each session includes not only a business meeting but also time set aside for training ourselves to be a Hub volunteers. Let us know if you would like to participateAre you willing to play a role in planning and executing a disaster plan for the neighborhood? We need people with a wide variety of skills and abilities, including the ability to keep calm in an emergency and help calm others. You don’t need to be a club member to join—the more neighbors who join, the better prepared we will be! 

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Preparing your household:

How to create a family emergency plan and kit 

(from the American Red Cross)

Making your “Go Bag”

Organizing your neighborhood—2 different “tool kits” you can use (one from Washington State, one from the City of Seattle):

Map Your Neighborhood

SNAP Program – Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare

The SNAP program is somewhat more abbreviated than “Map Your Neighborhood.” Whichever tool you use, once you’re prepared, be sure to list your neighborhood on the Emergency NeighborLink map of Seattle!

Emergency Hubs and where they fit in City preparedness:

Seattle Office of Emergency Management

Seattle Emergency Hubs

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