Emergency HUB

Lakewood Seward Park Emergency Communications Hub

Lakewood Seward Park Emergency Communications Hub
The Emergency Hub Network is an all-volunteer force dedicated to helping Seattle communities prepare for a disaster. Our neighborhood Hub based at the Lakewood Seward Park Community Club works closely with City of Seattle officials as part of the response plan but remains independent of formal city control. As one of more than 60 Emergency Communication Hubs, we gather trained neighbors to organize and support our community after a large disaster. Specifically, the Hub site will be a place where vital information is posted, emergency radio communications are available, and neighbors can seek aid and share resources.

Please support our emergency Hub with a tax-deductible donation.


Hub meetings are the first Monday of every month from 7–9 p.m. (virtual for now)

We need volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who would like to get to know their neighbors, and train to assist others in the event of a major disaster.

Each session includes not only a business meeting but also time set aside for training Hub volunteers. Contact us if you would like to participate. Are you willing to play a role in planning and executing a disaster plan for the neighborhood? We need people with a wide variety of skills and abilities, including the ability to keep calm in an emergency and help calm others. There are many training opportunities for learning about emergency preparedness, including radio operation. This is a great opportunity for committed young adults who wish to learn and serve their community. You don’t need to be a club member to join—the more neighbors who join, the better prepared we will be.

Email us to be added to the Hub email list or learn more about volunteering:  LSPCChub@gmail.com

How can you get ready at home and in your neighborhood?

Make your household two-weeks ready:



Organize your neighborhood (2 different ways for you and your neighbors to organize):



Learn about how Seattle is preparing for disaster:


The Emergency Hubs network our Hub is part of:http://seattleemergencyhubs.org