Parks Committee

The LSPNA board submitted 15 projects to the Neighborhood Parks and Streets Funds, including the installation of an automated electronic bollard system for the Adams Street parking lot to open and close the park every day, on time. District 2 submitted 152 projects. 870 projects were submitted city wide. 4 meetings in District 2 will be held throughout March to vet the projects, and those that are selected by the project development teams will be submitted for a vote in June. Projects with the most votes from the council districts will be funded in the 2018 budget and implemented in 2018. 


Sunday’s Parks committee meeting was to focus on the submission of a Neighborhood Matching Fund Proposal, to ask for funds to hire a bike share consultant to design a plan to bring the bikes to District 2. We love the idea of having the bikes in the relatively flat Rainier Valley, for use along Lake Washington Blvd and Seward Park Ave, around Seward Park, in the business districts and to/from light rail stations. After repeated requests, we have heard nothing about the future of the Pronto Bike Share bikes, so a proposal at this time would be premature. Hence no meeting. If you hear a neighbor planning to attend, please help spread the word. 


Remember the Rainier Ave South Road Diet: Phase 2 will be discussed tonight at Emerald City Bible Fellowship, 7728 Rainier Ave S, from 5:30 to 7:30. The plan is to extend the road diet from Hillman City to Rainier Beach. Here is SDOT’s evaluation of Phase 1:

If you’d like to submit your thoughts online, here is SDOT’s survey:

 Thank you for caring about our great neighborhood, Jeannie O’Brien