Community Meetings

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Time: 7-9pm

Join Your Neighbors to Learn Disaster Preparedness From Seattle-based Experts

Earthquakes, Floods, Fires, Storms and Tornadoes – Is Your Neighborhood Ready?

 Prepared neighborhoods are more effective in their disaster response and have an increased capacity to be self-reliant for the first 72 hours after a disaster.

LuAn Johnson PhD is an award-winning Seattle-based internationally-recognized researcher and creator of Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), a program using videos, workbooks, and face-to-face meetings in Washington State, Los Angeles, and other countries. She and her colleague Ben Park will demonstrate how MYN works, talk about their latest research, and answer your questions.

You will leave this meeting knowing how to take the next steps, with your neighbors, to be self-reliant during the first hours of a disaster.

LuAn Johnson has over 30 years’ experience working as a neighborhood preparedness designer, researcher, and public education director. She earned her PhD in Instructional Design at UW after creating the first U.S. neighborhood preparedness program near San Francisco that proved successful after their 1989 earthquake. She worked for the City of Seattle for 12 years, where she refined her S.F. program and organized almost 500 neighborhoods who then were tested by the 2001 Nisqually earthquake and 92% responded effectively. After also working for Washington State, she now runs the non-profit SPAN (Strengthening Preparedness Among Neighbors) Disaster Services. They have worked with the City of Los Angeles and others in Canada, Australia and New Zealand to enable people to go beyond knowing – to take action and actually prepare for disasters at the grassroots level – in their own neighborhoods.

Ben Park, a retired L.A. aerospace engineer, works with Johnson and will facilitate a “mock block meeting” exercise to demonstrate how anyone can lead a group of neighbors, using MYN videos and a workbook, through the steps to take immediately following a disaster to secure homes and protect neighbors. He discovered MYN online in L.A., implemented it in his neighborhood, and met Johnson when he visited his daughter in Seattle. He is now working with SPAN colleagues in L.A., where they are producing a new generation of videos and workbooks that help neighbors continue to learn and practice the skills and group activities necessary to keep a neighborhood actively engaged in preparedness.

To find out more information about MYN and disaster preparedness in Washington State and through SPAN, go to and

This event has been organized by members of the Lakewood Seward Park Emergency Communications Hub, another layer of neighborhood preparedness. This Hub is one of dozens around the city, all part of a network called Seattle Emergency Hubs.

This project is partially funded by the Neighborhood Matching Fund Program of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

Accommodation for persons with disabilities upon request. Email or call (206) 289-0618.